Important$AZUR is NOT on the market yet. Beware of scams! Follow our official channels for updates.
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$AZUR  Token

$AZUR is the Azuro Ecosystem ERC-20 token.
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Token Utility

the Go-To
Onchain Predictions Layer

Get involved in critical decisions affecting the protocol development and supporting the economy around it. $AZUR gives you voting rights through the Azuro DAO.
Lock $AZUR tokens on the Azuro App or $AZUR trading pairs on DEXs and benefit from competitive APRs.
Stakers of $AZUR get access to regular benefits and value share from new ecosystem apps and infrastructure partners.
Token Distribution


The biggest share of the token supply is allocated for the Azuro community and distributed as part of a multi-year plan of activities, including airdrops, incentives, rewards, and more.

37%COMMUNITY(airdrop, DEX, incentives, farming)

26%Team42 month vesting

22%Private Rounds30-36 month vesting


1%Advisors42 month vesting

0.5%KOL13 month vesting

Token Supply& Circulation

  • $AZUR
    Total token supply
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    Total supply release

What’s NextFor $AZUR

  • Azuro Score {Phase 2}

    Testing, new points formula, higher chances of boosting your $AZUR allocation.

  • Azuro Score {Phase 3}

    The last stretch before token launch. Earn Azuro Score convertible to $AZUR.

  • Token Public Launch

    $AZUR becomes available in the market following our TGE.

  • $AZUR Airdrop #1

    First token distribution event for Azuro Score participants.

Ecosystem Growth

Over 25 dApps already live on Azuro

  • bookmaker.XYZ
    Predictions App


    The ultimate showcase of pure on-chain betting. No logins, no bans, no limits. bookmaker.XYZ is 100% powered by Azuro’s open, permissionless markets and games.
  • GambleF*kkers
    Predictions App


    The only place in the world where everyone gets 35% cashback on their betting losses.
  • BookieBot
    Telegram Bot


    Sports betting integrated directly into Telegram.
  • BoxBet
    Telegram Bot


    Turbocharged Sports Betting on Telegram. Start betting in less than 60 seconds.
  • Metavault
    Predictions App


    Your Gateway to cross-chain DeFi. On Metavault, users can trade Perps & on Spot, seize multi-reward opportunities, and experience a next-level user experience.
  • Merit Circle

    Merit Circle

    A decentralized autonomous organization on a mission to revolutionize gaming. Let's build the metaverse by empowering people to be a part of it.
    Coming Soon
  • Mask Network

    Mask Network

    Mask Network brings privacy and benefits from Web3 to social media like Facebook & Twitter - with an open-source browser extension.
    Coming Soon
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