The infrastructure & liquidity layer for onchain predictions

Build applications permissionlessly, in a heartbeat


Azuro Ecosystem

Data Providers

Earn commission for providing data (odds & results) to Azuro

Frontend Operators

Earn a share of protocol profits for running a frontend on top of Azuro

Liquidity Providers

Earn consistently lucrative APY with no correlation to general DeFI performance or broader counter-party risk

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Ecosystem Partners

Azuro Protocol is an open source public-domain software including a set of smart contracts, written in Solidity that can be deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain, and/or other blockchains. In June, 2022 Azuro V1 was launched on Gnosis Chain, an Ethereum sister chain. Azuro V2 was launched in February, 2023 on Gnosis Chain and Polygon Mainnet.