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Betting Re-Imagined

Azuro addresses key pain points associated with centralized betting and blockchain prediction markets alike. Getting the best of both worlds is finally possible.
full transparency
instant payouts
no limits
classic betting
plentiful events
liquid markets
competitive odds
prediction markets

NFT's innovation

Each bet can be minted as a NFT. A bet made on Azuro has more value than ever before.
bet cash-out
value betting

Azuro Ecosystem

The betting environment of the future is transparent, more inclusive, fairer and community run.


Earn commission for providing data (odds & results) to Azuro

Frontend Operators

Earn a share of protocol profits for running a betting frontend on top of Azuro

Liquidity Providers

Earn consistently lucrative APY with no correlation to general DeFI performance or broader counter-party risk
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NFT Marketplaces

Live Betting

Bets As Collectibles

GameFI Integrations

Betting in gaming dashboards. Native in-play betting within games. With web3’s composability betting is about to see its biggest leap in decades with many use-cases yet to be imagined.

Gaming dashboards

Play-to-Earn games

Other Metaverses

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