AboutBetting has been around for thousands of years. A bet is one of the first forms of contract used by people. Today online betting is monopolized by centralized entities. Many use their unchecked control over users’ funds to prey on and manipulate their userbase. They take the lion’s share of the profits, and it is nearly impossible for any outsider to take part in the business of betting. At the same time - the human desire to take risk for a potential gain is getting bigger and is more widespread than ever. A generation of degens within and outside of crypto is upon the world.Azuro enters the space with the mission to break down the barriers, creating a protocol dependent on community participation and ownership.

Azuro is meant to become critical infrastructure concentrating liquidity for decentralized betting and gambling. We hope that the decentralized ownership and governance of this powerful infrastructure will not only lead to great benefits for its operators, but to a fairer and more fun betting world for the users.
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