A bet is one of the first forms of contract used by people. Today, however betting is plagued by lack of transparency & fairness, much because it's a system built on negative incentives putting bookmakers & players against each other. As a result, thousands of these contracts are broken every day.

Azuro utilizes smart-contracts to build a decentralized betting protocol, which brings full transparency to the betting process. It also democratizes the business of sportsbetting by breaking down the role of the bookmaker into several smaller roles, openly available for anyone to benefit from: liquidity provision, front-end management, data provision via oracles, decentralized governance.

As a result we envision a betting environment with decreased cost of service to players, full transparency, community-run and with a commitment to responsibility.
Out Team
Paruyr Shahbazyan
Founder of Bookmaker Ratings and BR Lab. EMBA Skolkovo Business School, Stanford University, SIngularity University
Dan Kaizer
Winner: ETHWaterloo 2017, BlockchainHack 2017, ETHWaterloo 2019; Winner of the SICTIC Blockchain Challenge and Crypto Valley Association Blockchain Awards 2018
Pavel Ivanov
Lead Frontend Developer
10+ years experience. Winner: ETHWaterloo 2017, BlockchainHack 2017, ETHWaterloo 2019
Dmitry Globenko
Founder – KEYICO; Board member - Russian-Chinese. Analytical Center for Scientific and Technical Cooperation. Financial University, Russia State University of management, Russia
Victor Ambartzumian
Co-Founder & CEO of Metaratings.ru. PHD in Economics. MBA Skolkovo Business School
Nikolai Tsagolov
EMBA Skolkovo Business School (Russia), Ecole Superieure de Gestion (France). 20+ years experience in investment banking and venture capital
Rossen Yordanov
15+ years of experience in payments, gambling and consumer-facing products, Formerly Senior Vice President at Paysafe, leading B2C business & Crypto for global digital wallets Skrill & NETELLER
Daniil Kashirtsev
Head of analytics
5+ years experience in gambling modeling as the Head of Analytics (888.ru, Mostbet.com). Master of Science in Mathematics
Vladimir Mazaev
B2B relations manager
5+years of experience in ICO/IEO projects’ analytics B2B support Lead at Binance UMASS MBA degree in investment analysis
Philipp Tsagolov
General Manager of TokenStars. Founder of TokenSwap Fund Business Development manager in BitClave Moscow State University
Maxim Kiselev
Solidity developer
Co-founder & developer MoonRace. Founder & developer RiddleHASH. Founder & developer DeMi
Alexey Belukov
Solidity developer
15+ years experience in web-development (backend, js). 4 years experience in Solidity Degree in Automated data-processing System Management
Francesco Baranca
General Secretary of Federbet – European anti-match-fixing organization. Head of Legal for several major betting operators in Europe
Vladislav Martynov
Ethereum Foundation – advisor, World Wi-fi – cofounder, BlockGeeks – investor, ICEBERG Sports Analytics project - investor