A bet is one of the first forms of contract used by people thousands of years ago. Today, however online betting is plagued by lack of transparency & fairness, much because it's a system built on negative incentives putting bookmakers & players against each other. At the same time decentralized betting never took off due to inefficient liquidity solutions, resulting in lack of betting markets and very poor UX. To top it all off - come the infinite unrealised possibilities within web3 and GameFi for betting to take shapes not yet imagined.
Azuro utilizes smart-contracts to build a decentralized betting protocol deploying an innovative solution for liquidity provision and allocation. Betting becomes transparent and trustless, while depth of betting events, markets and UX remains as good as it gets.

Furthermore, Azuro democratizes the business of betting by breaking down the role of the traditional bookmaker into several smaller roles, openly available for anyone to benefit from: liquidity provision, front-end management, data provision via oracles, decentralized (DAO) governance. As a result we envision a rich, fun betting environment with decreased cost of service to players, full transparency, community-run and with a commitment to responsibility.

Become a Contributor

Generalist Marketer

We are looking for a Generalist Marketer to help Azuro mature as a leader in decentralized betting tech by bringing value across various aspects of our presence: websites, PR, events, brand, and content.

The ideal candidate will

  • Have strong experience/knowledge as a broad marketer.
  • Already into crypto/web3 OR has serious desire and capacity to learn (and learn quick).
  • Comfortable getting “their hands dirty” and taking ownership (i.e. getting things done).
  • Have a lot of energy and drive to create and achieve in a sometimes too-fast-paced environment.

How to Apply

Send us a message telling us why you think you’re the one, and include info (CV/LinkedIn) about your relevant experience.

Twitter Whizz

We are looking for a Twitter Whizz to spice things up for Azuro’s socials

Azuro is up to some big things in the coming months, and we need someone to take over Twitter

  • build up a killer Twitter/socials strategy
  • execute on it
  • The ideal candidate will

  • have engagement mooning in no time
  • make us love them (and maybe even hate them, too)
  • Qualifications

  • experience in delivering on strategies that lead to meaningful increases in reach, engagement and conversions
  • How to Apply

    Send us a message telling us why you think you’re the one, and if it passes our Twitter Whizz Selection Filter - we’d be in touch right away!

    If you can include examples of things you did/ accounts you ran - it’ll help.


  • TG: @tusyahr
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Apply