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A bet is one of the first forms of contract used by people thousands of years ago. Today, however online betting is plagued by lack of transparency & fairness, much because it's a system built on negative incentives putting bookmakers & players against each other. At the same time decentralized betting never took off due to inefficient liquidity solutions, resulting in lack of betting markets and very poor UX. To top it all off - come the infinite unrealised possibilities within web3 and GameFi for betting to take shapes not yet imagined.
Azuro utilizes smart-contracts to build a decentralized betting protocol deploying an innovative solution for liquidity provision and allocation. Betting becomes transparent and trustless, while depth of betting events, markets and UX remains as good as it gets.

Furthermore, Azuro democratizes the business of betting by breaking down the role of the traditional bookmaker into several smaller roles, openly available for anyone to benefit from: liquidity provision, front-end management, data provision via oracles, decentralized (DAO) governance. As a result we envision a rich, fun betting environment with decreased cost of service to players, full transparency, community-run and with a commitment to responsibility.
Core Contributors
Founder of Bookmaker Ratings and BR Lab. Stanford GSB, Singularity University.
Winner: ETHWaterloo 2017, BlockchainHack 2017, ETHWaterloo 2019; Winner of the SICTIC Blockchain Challenge and Crypto Valley Association Blockchain Awards 2018
15+ years of experience in payments, gambling and consumer-facing products, Formerly Senior Vice President at Paysafe, leading B2C business & Crypto for global digital wallets Skrill & NETELLER
5+ years of experience working with blockchain startups. Venture investor
Co-Founder & CEO of PHD in Economics
20+ years experience in investment banking and venture capital
Frontend Dev
10+ years experience. Winner: ETHWaterloo 2017, BlockchainHack 2017, ETHWaterloo 2019
Solidity Dev
Co-founder & developer MoonRace. Founder & developer RiddleHASH. Founder & developer DeMi
Software engineer
9+ years experience in web development
5+ years experience in gambling modeling as the Head of Analytics (, Master of Science in Mathematics
General Manager of TokenStars. Founder of TokenSwap Fund Business Development manager in BitClave
Blockchain and betting enthusiast, ex-CBDO at DAOGroup, ex-PM at; Advisor at NFT-focused blockchain Wakatta
Content & Socials
3+ years of experience working with crypto trading startups in content creation and social media. He won't rest until the world is decentralised
Special assignments
5+years of experience in ICO/IEO projects’ analytics B2B support Lead at Binance
In love with visual content creation since 2015; 3+ years of experience in video editing and motion graphics
Vladislav Martynov
Ethereum Foundation – ex-advisory board member, World Wi-fi – cofounder, BlockGeeks – co-founder, ICEBERG Sports Analytics - executive chairman
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Frontend React/Ethers

Azuro protocol is looking for a Frontend Developer who is enthusiastic about a new decentralized world and ready to change betting for the better together with the Azuro team.

The ideal applicant is ready to experiment, creative, and efficient with proven successful frontend experience.

Ideal if you:

  • Have experience using React
  • With a successful track record using Ethers
  • It's good if you are:

  • A React Guru
  • With a moderate understanding of Ethers
  • OR

  • A Web3/Ethers guru
  • With a moderate understanding of React, but you write in Vue / Angular
  • Tasks:

  • Development of a decentralized application;
  • Development of new interfaces in accordance with the design and user story.
  • Our wishes:

  • Experience with NextJS would be a plus.
  • Smart contracts are written by other specialists.
  • Working conditions:

  • Flexible working hours;
  • Lack of legacy;
  • International startup;
  • No tracking system;
  • Remuneration in USDT.
  • Feel free if you are interested and ready to discuss further steps.


  • TG: @tusyahr
  • email: [email protected]
  • Apply

    Azuro protocol is looking for a BI-analyst who is enthusiastic about a new decentralized world and ready to change betting for the better together with the Azuro team.

    Some interesting tasks for you:

  • Setting up data flow from web services (GA, MixPanel) and backend (MongoDB, PostgreSQL) to Tableau.
  • Develop new and maintain existing reports in Tableau on key product metrics.
  • Ad-hoc requests for quality control of the product.
  • Users classification and build models on LTV/Retention.
  • Conducting A/B tests to implement new functionality.
  • Setting a customer journey conversion, look for points to increase the funnel.
  • Checking the results of marketing activities.
  • Making predictive financial models with changes in the product.
  • The ideal applicant has:

  • Experience with MixPanel
  • Betting experience preferred
  • Understanding De-Fi protocols, Smart-contracts
  • Contacts:

  • TG: @tusyahr
  • email: [email protected]
  • Apply
    Middle/Senior BackEnd (Node.js)

    Azuro protocol is looking for a BI-analyst who is enthusiastic about a new decentralized world and ready to change betting for the better together with the Azuro team.

    The ideal applicant has:

  • Experience with Node.js (JavaScript, es2020).
  • Experience with Websocket.
  • Experience with Git (branch, rebase, commit convention).
  • Experience of writing complex aggregations in MongoDB.
  • Willingness to understand the subject area, understand business processes and contribute.
  • Some ambitious tasks:

  • BackEnd (Node.js) development.
  • The huge part of the project consists of smart-contract collaboration: instance processing и transactions setting up (ethers.js, events).
  • Writing complex aggregations in MongoDB.
  • Working with external API and writing the own one.
  • We are using following stack:

  • All development is done in JS
  • BackEnd - Node.js
  • FrontEnd - React
  • Data storage in MongoDB
  • How we organize our work:

  • Issue and documentation tracking - Jira
  • Work is carried out in sprints with elements of Scrum
  • Contacts:

  • TG: @tusyahr
  • email: [email protected]
  • Apply